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Our Dental Accounting Platform

The Virtual Dentalt stage works with and upholds dental accounting and bookkeeping, and was worked by dental specialists for dental specialists. We comprehend the interesting bookkeeping needs that dental practices require.

At long last your Dentrix or Eaglesoft (or anything programming you use) and vendor proclamations are offset with your day sheets, EFT protection stores, bank stores and your QuickBooks! Your stores and installments are precisely accommodated with your bank. The stage’s bookkeeping experts could cover your bills — assuming you’d like us to.

Virual Dental was made for the sole motivation behind freeing dental practices from pressure. Established by dental specialists for dental specialists.

5 Reasons to Choose

Dental accounting specialists will balance your checkbook for you. They will create all of your accounting journal entires (deposits and payments/debits and credits) and categorize your expenses.

Dental accounting specialists reconcile your dental software & merchant statements with your bank and with QuickBooks— a step often overlooked by non-dental specific accounting firms. This important task helps to prevent embezzlement.

Dental accounting specialists pay your bills through your bank’s bill pay through limited access accounts. Your staff no longer needs to write checks to vendors or have access to your bank’s online account. Take your checks home and keep them safe!

Emailed Weekly Summary Reports

Get week after week reports showing assortments, consumptions and whether all bank charges and credits match. Know for sure that your training is running effectively.

Payroll is Made Easy

Exploit our helpful Virtual Dental Billing Payroll Add-on. You’ll have the option to oversee and follow your finance online whenever for staff and your administrator group to submit and support finance.