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Our Dental Insurance Verification Platform

In the dental industry it is a well known fact that Insurance companies change their coverage policies yearly. Over the years dental plans have added exclusions, waiting periods, alternate benefits and tricky benefit wording to add to the confusion. Incorrect insurance verifications can affect your bottom line leading to low collections, high accounts receivable, outstanding claims, incorrect treatment plans, and unhappy patients.

For example: When your office is unaware of insurance details, the patient may be seen without active coverage, or a procedure is unexpectedly denied. These are major roadblocks to revenue cycle management and result in your administrative staff spending hours chasing down payments.But this example is 100% avoidable by simply verifying the patient’s benefits prior to their appointment.

Why outsource your dental insurance verification?

Insurance verification is extremely time consuming for your front desk. Full benefit breakdowns are not always available online, and when your staff calls to speak to a representative, the wait times can range from 20-45 minutes per verification. Time that could be better spent focusing on other duties within the office or caring for your patients.

Save Thousands On Collections

Keep away from the dissatisfaction of gathering extra installments that fall between an expected co-pay and what an insurance contract covers. An irate patient is undeniably more averse to pay since they feel deceived and deceived. Utilizing the Virtual Dental stage to assist you with checking your patients’ protection front and center, you fundamentally lessen this issues in your training and save thousands every year!

Cut Accounts Receivable

Having refreshed and exact protection data on document for your patients implies you can give precise treatment plans and better assessed expenses for your patients. This diminishes the probability of a patient having an exceptional equilibrium when the insurance agency has paid its portion. Keep your patients cheerful and your records receivabe low with the better protection confirmation!