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Welcome to Virtual Dental Blling, a premier division of Virtual Dental Billing dedicated to dental billing, coding and complete dental services. Our professionally trained dental insurance billing specialists are focused on your practices’ needs whether that is to provide your staff with solutions or to outsource your billing completely.

Dental Insurance Billing

Our platform facilities Dental Insurance Billing and Patient Billing. Our primary goal is to assist your office in collecting all insurance money that is rightfully owed to you.

Patient Billing Add-on

Our platform provides your office a dedicated phone number for patients to call whenever they have questions about their statements or account balances.

Dental Insurance Verification

In the dental industry it is a well known fact that Insurance companies change their coverage policies yearly. Over the years dental plans have added exclusions, waiting periods.

Dental Credentialing

As a dental health care provider, there are some steps you need to take with each insurance carrier to ensure that you are providing the best coverage for every one of your patients.

Dental Accounting & Bookkeeping

The Virtual Dental Billing platform facilities and supports dental bookkeeping and accounting, and was built by dentists for dentists.

EFT Reconciliation

Our EFT & Deposit Reconciliation platform makes sure that payments to dental offices are not falling through the cracks, allowing doctors to focus more on their dentistry.


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Virtual Dental Billing provides comprehensive services, including dental insurance billing, patient billing add-ons, insurance verification, dental credentialing, dental accounting & bookkeeping, and EFT reconciliation.

Our services streamline your financial workflow, reduce billing errors, and maximize revenue. We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your dental practice, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

Submitting claims is easy with our user-friendly interface. Our streamlined process ensures accurate and timely submissions, minimizing errors and expediting reimbursement.

Our dedicated team verifies patient eligibility and coverage details, providing you with essential information for informed decision-making and a smooth billing process.

We proactively address denials, swiftly identifying and resolving issues to maximize revenue. Our experts ensure your practice’s financial health remains robust, minimizing disruptions in the reimbursement process.

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