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Welcome to Virtual Dental Blling, a premier division of Virtual Dental Billing dedicated to dental billing, coding and complete dental services. Our professionally trained dental insurance billing specialists are focused on your practices’ needs whether that is to provide your staff with solutions or to outsource your billing completely.

Dental Insurance Billing Services

Our platform facilitates Dental Insurance Billing and Patient Billing. Our primary goal is to assist your office in collecting all insurance money that is rightfully owed to you. Increase your income by outsourcing your billing.

The amount of work to send claims, post EOBs, appeal denied claims, and keep your over ninety days insurance accounts receivables at a minimum is variable depending on how many patients you service monthly. The fees for our platform and the insurance accounts receivables services provided by our network of dental billing specialists insurance accounts.

Patient Billing Add-On Services

Our foundation gives your office a committed telephone number for patients to call at whatever point they have inquiries regarding their assertions or record adjusts.

The telephone number will have a similar region code as your training with the guest ID being the name of your dental practice — so when your dental charging experts return patient calls, they realize that a delegate of your dental office is calling.
It’s ideal to gather patient co-pays at the hour of administration, however frequently after protection installments are posted patients might owe more. Allow our honor winning stage to assist with overhauling your patient records receivable. Sign up for Virual Dental Patient Billing today.

Dental Insurance Verification

In the dental industry it is a well known fact that Insurance companies change their coverage policies yearly. Over the years dental plans have added exclusions, waiting periods, alternate benefits and tricky benefit wording to add to the confusion. Incorrect insurance verifications can affect your bottom line leading to low collections, high accounts receivable, outstanding claims, incorrect treatment plans, and unhappy patients.

For example: When your office is unaware of insurance details, the patient may be seen without active coverage, or a procedure is unexpectedly denied. These are major roadblocks to revenue cycle management and result in your administrative staff spending hours chasing down payments.

Dental Credentialing

Initial, one could ask what dental credentialing is and what’s the significance here? Dental Provider Credentialing is the course of a dental specialist going into an agreement with a protection transporter. While doing this you will require data like practice history, schooling, confirmations, licenses, etc.

They will then, at that point, survey your data and check it is right. This is the very thing you call the “Verifying Process”. At the point when you become credentialed with them, you are bound to the agreement and will follow their expense timetables and it figures out what you can and can’t charge the patient.You genuinely must completely peruse and comprehend what you are consenting to and it additionally permits the insurance agency to review your training and your documentation in diagrams.

Dental Accounting and Bookkeeping

Dental specialists frequently set aside they need the chance to assemble their practices. They need to run reports and assess the exhibition of their organizations, oversee colleagues, and track down ways of expanding benefit. We comprehend that for dental specialists to assess generally speaking execution, they need to allude to their pay articulations, which decide income into the training, income out of the training, and the excess equilibrium. Contributing the information expected to create these fundamental monetary records is a monotonous and tedious undertaking. Now is the right time to pass on a portion of those concerns to the geniuses.

EFT Reconciliation

Each dental specialist realizes that appropriately represented electronic assets moves (EFTs) are the soul of their business. Virtual Dental EFT compromise stage gives both of you unmistakable choices for your training’s particular requirements. Whether you are searching for standard EFT administration or exceptional, all-around account the board, our foundation takes care of you.

Responsibility is our guarantee to you and our foundation attempts to keep monetary confusions from occurring through all day, every day announcing, straightforwardness in correspondence, and organized valuing levels that fit the manner in which your training works.

Full Schedule

Allow our foundation to help reconnect your patients and get them back on your timetable where they should be!

Full Schedule is a chief, customized correspondence administration used to plan patients for cleanliness review and unscheduled therapy. Our foundation ensures that nobody escapes everyone’s notice and offers an interesting, patient-focused correspondence plan that decidedly addresses your dental practice.

Whether it’s been weeks or months since you’ve seen your patient, your Full Schedule expert will give a customized, proficient message to them to invite them back to finish their therapy.


Dental Billing and Consulting Professionals, LLC is a full help money due administration organization. By using the most state-of-the-art innovation and programming we can amplify your benefits and kill lost reserves. Our dental charging administration guarantees legitimate electronic cases, connection entries, precise posting of all EOB installments as well as credits and acclimations to patient records. We examine and pursue all problematic denied dental and clinical cases while at the same time staying up with the latest on our advancement.

Our charging and counseling specialists have broad involvement with the dental business and are committed to keeping an expert degree of tweaked administration to address any training’s issues.

Our dental charging administration have insight in social occasion approvals and doing charging for bone unions, oral inserts and tooth breaks among others..