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EFT Reconciliation Services

Our EFT and Deposit Reconciliation stage ensures that installments to dental workplaces are not getting lost in the noise, permitting specialists to zero in additional on their dentistry and development as opposed to monetary worries.

Each dental specialist realizes that appropriately represented electronic assets moves (EFTs) are the backbone of their business. Virtual Dental EFT compromise stage gives both of you unmistakable choices for your training’s particular requirements. Whether you are searching for standard EFT administration or superior, all-around account the board, our foundation takes care of you.

Responsibility is our guarantee to you and our foundation attempts to keep monetary entanglements from occurring through day in and day out announcing, straightforwardness in correspondence, and organized estimating levels that fit the manner in which your training works.

Our EFT platform eliminates profit loss by

From the ADA: 35% of dental offices have been embezzled once, 17% more than once- and thats just the one who know about it! Embezzlement is a real concern for every dental practice and with the lack of accountability and financial transparency, how can you be sure your money is being allocated correctly? Our platform reduces this risk by adding a checks and balances system for your office.

Promptly redistributing improperly received funds

Assuming a protection supplier applies supports mistakenly your foundation group will immediately distinguish the incorrectness, correct and rearrange appropriately, something that could be ignored without the legitimate balanced governance.

Offering support and reporting

Questions, concerns and everything in between. Our daily and weekly transfer anaylsis shows every penny of your money in real time.